Awards & Achievements in 2023

1st place award-winning image in the Motif Collective 2023 "Sunrise & Sunset" Category

Top 10 Finalist in the International Pet Photographer of the Year ACTION Category

Voted "Best Pet Portraits" in the 2023 Chilliwack Community Votes

Meet the artist behind the lens

Combining her love of landscape and dog photography to create moving and sentimental photos of your best friend

Andrea Wafler — a 30-year-old visionary, an award-winning dog photographer, and a soul deeply connected to both the natural world and its canine inhabitants. Andrea’s love of photography started with the rugged landscapes of British Columbia. She has always been drawn to the beauty of nature and would find herself immersed in the colours, textures and sounds out in the landscapes. Waterfalls, mountains, and plants were the subject of Andrea’s images until her focus eventually shifted to her family dogs. It was her love for landscape photography and her canine companions that truly sparked the passion you see in her work today.

Specifically, it was her heart and soul dog Callie (a 7 year old Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix, pictured above) that put her on the path of The Good Mutt Photography. The day that Callie walked into Andrea's life nearly 8 years ago, an unexpected spark ignited within her—a newfound passion for capturing the essence of her sweet girl through the lens of a camera. With Callie as her main muse, the two of them embarked on countless outdoor adventures. It was during these years that it dawned on Andrea that the joy, love, and adventures she captured through her lens were not unique to her and Callie alone, but were shared by countless pet parents around the world. Feeling inspired by this realization, Andrea embarked on a journey to share her unique vision with others, offering pet parents everywhere the opportunity to preserve memories of their cherished four-legged companions.

Andrea’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed either. As her talent blossomed, so too did her recognition within the photography community. Her distinct style, characterized by rich colors, dynamic lighting and an uncanny ability to capture the essence of canines out in nature, quickly set her apart from the crowd. Her images have captured the hearts of judges and viewers alike, winning her multiple awards in 2023 alone. For Andrea, photography is not just a profession but a privilege—a gift she cherishes with every fiber of her being. As long as there are dogs to be photographed and stories to be shared, Andrea vows to be there, capturing the magic of dogs in landscapes one frame at a time.